Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kelly Patton Commissions

Hello wonderful readers, I am pleased to announce my availability for commissions! I have had many diverse requests and I truly love creating original graphics and paintings from your ideas. Much of this blog features past commissions, to see what I have done in the past, consult the archives of this journal. Email me at pattonillustration@gmail if you would like to inquire about a commission. Here are some works I created last year...

Above: Ex Libris Personalized Bookplate design.  Small stickers that go on the inside cover of your book to let your borrowers know it is from your library.  "Ex Libris" is latin for "From the Library"  This was created for a man who is a chemist and loves a sophisticated room with a view.

Above: Original logo created for a woman with a vibrant colored Indian food truck.  She really wanted a bright and colorful image to attract festival wanderers. 


Above:  Business logo created for a woman who loves to serve organic, local, medicinal and nourishing foods at her catering company.

Above:  A woman who talked with me about her lucid dreams inspired this heavenly image.


Above:  Original graphic created for a fabulous clothing designer from Nevada City.  He loved my bookplate images and wished to mimic the bold inked style for his eye catching graphic.

Above:  Raccoon couple in process, I like to paint people in their animal likeness.  Otherwise known as an anthropomorphic portrait or spirit animal commission.

Above:  Me working on a commission for a mystic woman who loves the river and has a gift for hunting crystals.  She and I had a beautiful meeting and she described her idea of a water dragon and the spirit of nature channeling light.

To arrange your commission please contact me at

I sincerely look forward to our composure!

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