Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Formally known as the "Denver Natural History Museum."
This South Denver museum was a field trip destination in elementary school, and I haven't visited for over a decade. I remember my 4th grade class had a sleepover night at the museum and we laid out our sleeping bags in these rooms with the dioramas. It was the BEST field trip EVER. Except for that annoying kid coughing and keeping everyone up all night.

I wish there was a display like this in Seattle, I can view the animals from all angles and could spend days here!


Grandpa's Basement

Oh, boy did I encounter the find of a lifetime on my last visit home to Colorado! My grandma guided me through a few things in her basement, a wind up clock, old letters and a box of mixed letterpress type belonging to my grandpa, Kermitt Patton. I averted my eyes to a corner of the basement and pointed at an old cabinet with many drawers..."What is that....?"
To my astonished delight I opened a drawer to find it packed with wooden type. Nineteen of them are still waiting for me in Colorado, but I had my mom mail one drawer to me so I could print with it right away. There is no complete font, and they are all lacking many vowels, such as the much used "E", but I still wish to make a collage of letters to spell words.

Capitol Hill Watercolor Society

Some friends and I got together to paint and watch/listen to movies at Suzy's house. She has the perfect place to gather and they are such good company. I hope to remember to bring my good camera friend along next time, I'd like to have a document of other artwork at the "secret and highly classified meetings."
I painted up this girl with a portrait in mind, alas it came out totally different than I was intending. I accidentally gave her my little pony eyes! Yeesh. I hope I combated it by adding brighter colors to unify things.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring is coming

My pale skin needs a little vitamin D!

Look what the cat dragged in

I rescued him just before my cat unleashed the wrath of chomping and spitting out. He was a lively one!

Linoleum block printing

Lino cuts are a great side project for me to work on, because they demand my attention to detail using a different technique, and the carving provides a nice stress management exercise.

A few tools, one day I will indulge in a small press...

I use Oil Relief ink and would prefer to use a soft brayer, but I unfortunately I bought the hard one, so it does not press ink on the block as evenly as I would like. I mixed a bit of oil medium to thin the ink as an experiment. The ink turned out to be too thin and seeped into the tiny cracks resulting in lost detail on the print. If any medium is added to thin the ink, I will only use a very small amount. I want the ink to be tackier next time.

I spread them out by the window to get a little air, they will be wet for days. I used Rives lightweight for this type of printing because it is thin and strong. I need a thin paper to press the ink with a baren by hand.
And the apartment reeks of turpentine afterwards. Mmmm mmm mmm! Much apologies to my roomie.

Misery, Love, Company practice

I go to the practice room about once a month to catch up with the guys in Misery, Love, Company--a Seattle-based jazz/psych/rock band. They are great friends and amazing musicians. I like to draw while they play so I sketched them in action. Kohen on drums, Banjo on bass, Josh on keys and Nelson on trombone. I have acquired many sketches and a dwindling sense of hearing at these sessions.