Monday, November 22, 2010

J.A.W. Cooper Interview!

I am very pleased to share with you today, that I had an incredible time in Los Angeles, the first city to welcome me back from my four month bicycle music tour in Europe. After enduring a 33 hour trip from Barcelona to Dublin to New York and finally to L.A., I arrived a day before my birthday.
I had arranged an interview with J.A.W. Cooper, a lovely illustrator living in downtown L.A., and was ecstatic to have this meeting with one of my favorite artists, who's blog I had been following for a year. We met at her studio, where I recorded our energized transaction about her process, her favorite artists and the creative community in L.A. It was such a pleasure to meet with Cooper, she was so personable and enthusiastic, and a full on bad-ass illustrator.

Listen to the podcast by clicking the link below!

Much Love!