Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sardegna and Berlin Art Endeavours

New bookplate in progress. I began sketching it at the comfy artist's studio where I had temporary residence in Sardegna, Italy. The plants and animals in the image are from the island.

"Nutrisco and Preserve" mixed Italian and English, "Nourish and Preserve"

Bookplate number two, another Sardegna landscape inspired drawing featuring the ubiquitous poppy.

Watercolor painting mixed fantasy with realism...

Movable mural detail for my friend Annalisa.

Tree mural in Berlin!

Warmest Mountain Cafe

Good morning, I am the Ridge Cafe, now decorated by my new sign painted by Kelly Patton. It's a new day and I feel like this fresh makeover really stands out, don't you? Don't be shy! Come inside and sip my fresh juices and conversation.

Yellow is the color of my true love in the morning...