Saturday, June 20, 2009

New, and sorta new

Pugliacci had his debut last November, and is now resting on the molding in my living room with other paintings from past shows. He is very pathetic, isn't he?

"Spell", a new mixed media tryptic is currently up at Halogen through June, (they share the same wall with the Roq LaRue, no big deal):)

Paint paint fur, all day long, paint paint fur while I sing this song...

A few things I have been occupying myself with...

The knitting has slowed down a bit now that it is warm outside, but I am pretty consistent with the making of the hats and the limb-warmers in the winter.

Lewis at Gasworks, he is one of my favorite subjects when I pretend to be a photographer.

Poor squirrel, he was a fresh one. He looked like he was sleeping.

Seattle's Hidden Gem

The Arboretum is my favorite wandering spot in the city. There are thousands of species of plants here, from all over the world. Spring time is euphoric.

Tunnel on the path.

Japanese Garden.

Cherry blossoms.