Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yarn callouses

These past few weeks of unemployment in Berkeley have been a bit slow, but I speed up my day by keeping busy and productive. I am currently working on developing a small side business selling original dolls and patterns of amigurumis (japanese for crocheted doll).
My most recent:

Marcel, the Fox in a Box

Vagabond Monkey

Vampire Bat

More amigurumi patterns and dolls here

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In pursuit of the art of living...
I had an unforgettable magical weekend at my beloved cousin's cabin.

Looking out on the land from her porch...a guitar maker/carpenters home in the photo.


Shortcut through the cemetery to the cafe in North San Juan.

Platform for an xtracycle, personalized for Mikhel...

I start with a sketch and tape two pieces of printer paper to fit the size of the board. Drawing is taped up to the window (I needed to reverse the image to face the other direction) and final line work is sketched with a black colored pencil.

Drawing on printer paper is transferred on to board using graphite paper, fluid acrylic paint used to do line work on wood.

Filling in base colors, medium values first, then darkest values, and last lightest values. (A good rule of thumb when using acrylics).

A few edits on the reddish line work were done at the very end.

Varnished and ready to go.

Board #2 Owls Owls Owls!

Same process with this one, this piece of wood was less attractive then the first, so I painted over most of it, but left a bit at the top unpainted, I like the look of the wood.

My tea and her tea, two different blends. Crystals in the jars bring out magical qualities in the tea, but to top it off, are brewed in the full moon light. They were mystic delicious.