Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Awesome book, must have!!

Yes, you read the title correctly fellow illustrators, the ABSOLUTE VISUAL GUIDE to EVERYTHING NATURAL on the PLANET! Too good to be true? I think not! This book sits on my desk as a great reference guide, I am elated to turn the pages to find a new creature every day. It has crisp photos and, brilliant colors, all set against the white background.

Yum. Hours o' fun.

Monday, November 22, 2010

J.A.W. Cooper Interview!

I am very pleased to share with you today, that I had an incredible time in Los Angeles, the first city to welcome me back from my four month bicycle music tour in Europe. After enduring a 33 hour trip from Barcelona to Dublin to New York and finally to L.A., I arrived a day before my birthday.
I had arranged an interview with J.A.W. Cooper, a lovely illustrator living in downtown L.A., and was ecstatic to have this meeting with one of my favorite artists, who's blog I had been following for a year. We met at her studio, where I recorded our energized transaction about her process, her favorite artists and the creative community in L.A. It was such a pleasure to meet with Cooper, she was so personable and enthusiastic, and a full on bad-ass illustrator.

Listen to the podcast by clicking the link below!

Much Love!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moleskine Sketches on tour...

"Coral and Flesh" June 2010, Amsterdam

"Lion Edifice" Prague, July 2010

"The Swan and Rat" Prague, July 2010

"Birds of England" May, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One week before the train ride

Painting at May Day in North San Juan, my cousin sleeping on my lap xoxo

"Mead Bee" watercolor painted at May Day celebration

May Day

Julia and the pico shack! Several Pleasant Revolutionaries stayed at Willow Springs for a week to collect, collaborate and join forces before our departure. This was taken from my school bus.

Avery learned how to use a toilet! He figured it out himself, he is a magical kitty and currently resides at Willow Springs.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Fix, Nevada City, CA

The Fix, :literally: A raw-food restaurant/boutique nestled in an Alley in downtown Nevada City. :Actually and secretly: a spot to talk to some of the most healthy and spiritually intriguing people in my area. I feel so privileged to show my work at a spot that I truly admire and love to visit.

Elated. The genie performed, as well as Kipchoge playing a solo set powered by the bicycles. We partied with the family until midnight.

First California show!! This was one to remember!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prep time for Pleasant Revolution

You might have gotten a hint from my last post about me suddenly leaving Berkeley, no? Well, it is true. I now live in a school bus in North San Juan California. Thats right folks, I left Berkeley to temporarily move out to Willow Springs, a wonderful community land nestled near Grass Valley in Northern California. Never, did I visualize myself living in a school bus, but sometimes you gotta leave your comfort zone when new opportunities arrive.

Willow Springs community garden. Art, yoga, music, cooking, farming, trampolines, friendly dogs and friendly neighbors all set in the California sun. I'm not getting paid to say those things, I'm just fond of my temporary home.
So? What the hell...? Ok, I have been working day and night, writing emails, making phone calls, arranging art shows, connecting people, doing design and illustration work, skipping lunch and playing guitar. (Most of which occurs in my studio loft pictured below). I am preparing to go to Europe on a 5,000 mile itinerary traveling on a bicycle. Myself, and 11 other members ride together with The Pleasant Revolution, a collaboration of talented artists and musicians who travel to distant lands to set up shows and play music, all powered by bikes. Not only do the bikes power the show, they carry our supplies and gear (and ourselves) everywhere on our journey. I will be posting more about the trip, cause I'm the official blogger, artist, media person... connect to the blog HERE

Friday, April 9, 2010

Berkeley and Transition

Berkeley, you have filled my heart with a warm glowing fuzzy feeling. I was not ready to leave your sweet aromas and funny people, but t'was destiny, the galloping stallion of fate that came along and swept me away.

My friendly room in aunt Claudia's house. I watched many episodes of the Mighty Boosh and Lost while crocheting dolls and painting dancing foxes. My residence in north Berkeley was in a quiet neighborhood, in a perfect location, 8 blocks from a bustling downtown, and 4 blocks from the bart station, which took me all over the bay. My bicycle was glorious and convenient as a means of transportation in the ever so bike friendly Berkeley. Le sigh....

Heidi petting a look-alike-Avery. She was kind enough to visit and brought me boxes to pack my things and move out quick!


Durian fruit. Yeeeesh! Does this thing smell. It is a coveted fruit, desired by people all over the world. It is said to be the stinkiest and best tasting fruit on the planet. Good for the brain, heart, and body...looks a bit like fleshy organs and tastes like vanilla bananas with a hint of body odor. You can pick one of these deadly food orgasms up at the Berkeley Bowl for only $50!

Mikhel's favorite thing about Berkeley. "Durian!!"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yarn callouses

These past few weeks of unemployment in Berkeley have been a bit slow, but I speed up my day by keeping busy and productive. I am currently working on developing a small side business selling original dolls and patterns of amigurumis (japanese for crocheted doll).
My most recent:

Marcel, the Fox in a Box

Vagabond Monkey

Vampire Bat

More amigurumi patterns and dolls here

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In pursuit of the art of living...
I had an unforgettable magical weekend at my beloved cousin's cabin.

Looking out on the land from her porch...a guitar maker/carpenters home in the photo.


Shortcut through the cemetery to the cafe in North San Juan.

Platform for an xtracycle, personalized for Mikhel...

I start with a sketch and tape two pieces of printer paper to fit the size of the board. Drawing is taped up to the window (I needed to reverse the image to face the other direction) and final line work is sketched with a black colored pencil.

Drawing on printer paper is transferred on to board using graphite paper, fluid acrylic paint used to do line work on wood.

Filling in base colors, medium values first, then darkest values, and last lightest values. (A good rule of thumb when using acrylics).

A few edits on the reddish line work were done at the very end.

Varnished and ready to go.

Board #2 Owls Owls Owls!

Same process with this one, this piece of wood was less attractive then the first, so I painted over most of it, but left a bit at the top unpainted, I like the look of the wood.

My tea and her tea, two different blends. Crystals in the jars bring out magical qualities in the tea, but to top it off, are brewed in the full moon light. They were mystic delicious.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Houses have been one of my favorite subjects to oggle and photograph. My new home in Berkeley is located in a quiet neighborhood far away from any sounds. Walk 8 blocks and there is so much energy and tons of people. The homes around here are amazingly different from one another. And not to mention the thriving gardens that are artfully planted in front of them. I can't wait to come back to this posting and add more photos.

Cloud house, to the north.

This one is all about the car

Wisteria waterfalls