Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life Force

I am so truly touched by so many encouragements I have been receiving lately.  Thank you everyone, my fires are burning brightly these days, and have been painting diligently all day and into the nights to express my gratitude for this gift.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Women Icons Art Show

Yma Sumac was an exotic opera singer, a strong woman with an incredible voice range, and a hauntingly beautiful deep tone, you've never quite heard anything like it. She weaves a jungle of wild images in your mind while listening to her sing. Yma is descended from a Royal Incan family, and owns the title of an Incan Princess. And to top her powerful talent she is incredibly beautiful. I hesitated none to paint this woman's portrait for the Women Icons show happening in Portland.

After painting Yma Sumac's portrait in watercolor, I add a few dabs of gold leaf glue to her headdress and necklace. 

My favorite part, gently brushing away the delicate gold leaf to reveal the adornments. 

I usually hunt for antique frames and paint the painting for the frame, as I did here for Yma Sumac. There will be one more of my newest pieces up at the Women Icons show at the Mini Gallery, (it's a secret). The opening is Thursday June 27th, 6-10pm. I am very excited to be exhibiting alongside some of my favorite artists at this group show and would be delighted to see you there!