Friday, June 21, 2013

Women Icons Art Show

Yma Sumac was an exotic opera singer, a strong woman with an incredible voice range, and a hauntingly beautiful deep tone, you've never quite heard anything like it. She weaves a jungle of wild images in your mind while listening to her sing. Yma is descended from a Royal Incan family, and owns the title of an Incan Princess. And to top her powerful talent she is incredibly beautiful. I hesitated none to paint this woman's portrait for the Women Icons show happening in Portland.

After painting Yma Sumac's portrait in watercolor, I add a few dabs of gold leaf glue to her headdress and necklace. 

My favorite part, gently brushing away the delicate gold leaf to reveal the adornments. 

I usually hunt for antique frames and paint the painting for the frame, as I did here for Yma Sumac. There will be one more of my newest pieces up at the Women Icons show at the Mini Gallery, (it's a secret). The opening is Thursday June 27th, 6-10pm. I am very excited to be exhibiting alongside some of my favorite artists at this group show and would be delighted to see you there!

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