Monday, March 19, 2018

Secret Woods Guidance Cards

A project 10 years in the making has come into the world!  Secret Woods, a deck of oracle cards featuring watercolor paintings of my spirit creatures is finally here!  There are 28 cards in this deck and the first edition release is now available in my online shop at 

Each box was hand cut, folded, assembled and numbered by myself.  There are only 50 decks in the first printing, first edition release. 

A bit of the back story on the creation of Secret Woods...This collection of watercolor paintings was created between 2008 and 2017, a time of much personal change and self discovery. 

To create the paintings in Secret Woods, I followed the animated mannerisms of my sketch book characters, who directed me on how they wished to be depicted in the worlds where they lived.   As my explorations increased, unexpected guides emerged from curious scenes eager to tell their individual stories. 

They have provided me comfort and I view them as friends who have witnessed 
the transformation of my consciousness. 

These precious animals, objects and magical settings are ever changing and hold symbolic significance, thriving in the Secret Woods of the imagination.

I am currently writing about each card as I unfold their practical magic.  You can see the progress on my instagram page, @kellypattonart or follow the hashtag #secretwoodsmagic

If you are a collector of my art, make sure you get your deck soon as they are disappearing fast!