Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Fernleigh Eva

Tim and I began this exciting collaborative project in March 2017.  We drew up the schematics to show our creative skills to our families.  A few people nearly passed out upon the news.

In the early spring we ventured into the deep woods that lie an hour east of our house.  We came upon this magical fern meadow to capture the first signs of the baby showing in my belly. 

Throughout the pregnancy, I read three helpful books on how to have a baby naturally;  Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, Hypnobirthing and Birthing from Within.  Tim read the Birth Partner, and loved it too.  We were trying to wash out any bad birth stories that were told to us and reset our beliefs about the "excruciating pain" of childbirth.  Turns out, it was more like running a marathon.

In any case, I meditated often, ate healthily, and made lots of art that was baby related.  This mobile was another collaboration by Tim and I to welcome our little girl to the wondrous world.

We created this belly cast by molding paper mache over my body and when it dried, we sanded and gessoed it.  Then I drew up the design and we used a projector to transfer the drawing to the sculpted belly.  It is one of my favorite things I have ever made!

I kept an alter to anticipate her arrival and to provide for her safe passage.  The candle was lit at home when I meditated to imbue protective intention into its flame.  It was the single candle that burned during her birth.  The baby shoes were mine as a baby, and the photo of Tim and I at age 17 reminded us of our history together.  The spirit quartz and fern leaves welcomed her into our home. 

We took this photo in Seattle on her due date, December 22nd, which happened to be winter solstice.  A good time for new souls to meet. 

Fernleigh Eva Seymour was born on Christmas day, 2017 at 1:15pm.  My little Capricorn!  She is definitely THE most beautiful thing I have ever made! (although I couldn't have done it without Tim ;)  We labored for 13 hours with my husband, and two midwives present.  I watched the snow fall gently on the trees out the window while I gave birth to her in a tub.  It was the most mystical experience, and when she and I first fell asleep together on the soft warm bed, I felt the most intense rush of love and bliss that nearly overwhelmed me to sobbing tears.  I kept a smile on my face though and we fell asleep, exhausted.

Welcome to your new home Fern!  

We continue our fun on the daily.  Last week Tim wanted to recreate a photo of his dad holding him as a baby, remixed with Fern.  Tim and his dad both rocked the pilot mustache!

Wonderful little soul, thank you for picking us to be your parents.
Our lives are rich with the most enthusiastic love now that you are here.