Monday, October 16, 2017

Eclipse Dragon

After experiencing the eclipse in Eastern Oregon, I became inspired to paint a memory of it.  I began with sketches of dragons, as I kept the Chinese mythology of the dragon eating the sun in mind.   

The ancient Chinese made much noise banging on pots and drums to frighten the dragon away during the eclipse.  

Today, when we witness such an incredible celestial event we are filled with great anticipation and awe.  During a full solar eclipse standing in the path of totality, the sun will disappear and the sky goes dark and you know why so many cultures around the world were afraid.  For a moment, you wonder what would happen if the sun never returned...

A burst of light appears on the edge of the black sun, it glitters like a diamond as you watch it without your eclipse glasses.  For a split second can you look at this beautiful thing before it becomes too bright again.  The earth warms up and the stars disappear, waiting to return that evening.  We made it through the dark, returned to the light, as if inside a circle.

 Eclipse Dragon
Acrylic and Composition Gold Leaf on Wood
16" x 16" Round