Monday, March 21, 2011

Huge Tryptic awaiting return in April.

Hey y'all. Here is a process photo sneak peek of one painting that will be part of a show at The Fix in April. I have been working on this acrylic tryptic since October when I started my artist in residency at Willow Springs. It's a big'in and I will announce very soon the show opening reception, most likely occuring 3/4 through April. I am gathering musicians for a small party for the big happy family.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan is wonderful

Today I would like to direct you to an awesome cartoonists blog, who has posted lush vectorized backgrounds for the show Samurai Jack. He features a showcase of the show's artists and their sparklingly beautiful and yet simple illustrations. I am feeling so sad for Japan, and honor their amazing influences in the art world.

Click here to see the Showcase

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I completed the original Benjamin Bunny one month ago, and exhibited it at the Briar Patch in Grass Valley. Several days later I left to visit family in Colorado, and my mom bought the painting from me through my etsy shop. When I came back home, I received a call inquiring about the painting on display, and in the moment I said it was still for sale. Knowing of course, that I could try to reproduce one just like it for my mum. Well, here is the first Benjamin....

And here, the second.

I glanced at the original a few times, and tried to recall the colors I used. I learned a few valuable lessons about documenting my colors (for future reference, and bizarre unpredictable situations) and how my freehand drawings compare to each other.

I suppose I could have replicated it perfectly, but it would have taken forever, and I really like the variations of the two paintings anyhow.

Which one do you like best?