Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I completed the original Benjamin Bunny one month ago, and exhibited it at the Briar Patch in Grass Valley. Several days later I left to visit family in Colorado, and my mom bought the painting from me through my etsy shop. When I came back home, I received a call inquiring about the painting on display, and in the moment I said it was still for sale. Knowing of course, that I could try to reproduce one just like it for my mum. Well, here is the first Benjamin....

And here, the second.

I glanced at the original a few times, and tried to recall the colors I used. I learned a few valuable lessons about documenting my colors (for future reference, and bizarre unpredictable situations) and how my freehand drawings compare to each other.

I suppose I could have replicated it perfectly, but it would have taken forever, and I really like the variations of the two paintings anyhow.

Which one do you like best?


Nate Maingard said...

Like the first one better, very warm colours, gives it an old crinkly feeling, which is wonderful:). May have to buy one of your originals one day soon! xx

Kelly Patton said...

Thanks for the feedback!