Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prep time for Pleasant Revolution

You might have gotten a hint from my last post about me suddenly leaving Berkeley, no? Well, it is true. I now live in a school bus in North San Juan California. Thats right folks, I left Berkeley to temporarily move out to Willow Springs, a wonderful community land nestled near Grass Valley in Northern California. Never, did I visualize myself living in a school bus, but sometimes you gotta leave your comfort zone when new opportunities arrive.

Willow Springs community garden. Art, yoga, music, cooking, farming, trampolines, friendly dogs and friendly neighbors all set in the California sun. I'm not getting paid to say those things, I'm just fond of my temporary home.
So? What the hell...? Ok, I have been working day and night, writing emails, making phone calls, arranging art shows, connecting people, doing design and illustration work, skipping lunch and playing guitar. (Most of which occurs in my studio loft pictured below). I am preparing to go to Europe on a 5,000 mile itinerary traveling on a bicycle. Myself, and 11 other members ride together with The Pleasant Revolution, a collaboration of talented artists and musicians who travel to distant lands to set up shows and play music, all powered by bikes. Not only do the bikes power the show, they carry our supplies and gear (and ourselves) everywhere on our journey. I will be posting more about the trip, cause I'm the official blogger, artist, media person... connect to the blog HERE

Friday, April 9, 2010

Berkeley and Transition

Berkeley, you have filled my heart with a warm glowing fuzzy feeling. I was not ready to leave your sweet aromas and funny people, but t'was destiny, the galloping stallion of fate that came along and swept me away.

My friendly room in aunt Claudia's house. I watched many episodes of the Mighty Boosh and Lost while crocheting dolls and painting dancing foxes. My residence in north Berkeley was in a quiet neighborhood, in a perfect location, 8 blocks from a bustling downtown, and 4 blocks from the bart station, which took me all over the bay. My bicycle was glorious and convenient as a means of transportation in the ever so bike friendly Berkeley. Le sigh....

Heidi petting a look-alike-Avery. She was kind enough to visit and brought me boxes to pack my things and move out quick!


Durian fruit. Yeeeesh! Does this thing smell. It is a coveted fruit, desired by people all over the world. It is said to be the stinkiest and best tasting fruit on the planet. Good for the brain, heart, and body...looks a bit like fleshy organs and tastes like vanilla bananas with a hint of body odor. You can pick one of these deadly food orgasms up at the Berkeley Bowl for only $50!

Mikhel's favorite thing about Berkeley. "Durian!!"