Sunday, May 1, 2011

Star Oracle Tryptic and Process

A long time waiting, this tryptic is finally up at the Fix Gallery in Nevada City.

Sit below the oracle and ask any number of questions. You are sure to swirl your eyes around in circles for a while as you contemplate through stars scales and gold.

Artist, and shrine.

I began the set back in October, and intended to extend the work throughout my experience at Willow Springs for my artist in residency.

Here, we see Brian Bach, helping me display the work. He looks slightly Jesus-like in this photo.

5/8 of the way through...

Beginning linework on purple dragon. Stage two (after sketching directly to canvas)

Which color do I chose? Seems to change a few times before I get it right, but fortunately not too many times.

Coating in gold, (or really, metal leaf) Reflective light is so nice.

Well, it was a long and fun process, and so rewarding to see complete. Stop at the Fix in Nevada City CA for a preview, it will be up at that location for 6 weeks.

Now on to the next....