Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nature and Process

On painting days, I like to wake up knowing there will be no phone calls.  I like to have a yummy assortment of fresh foods prepared/to prepare and a playlist of music ready to go.  I take a break every 2 hours to water my garden or clean my house and stretch.  And if I'm lucky I get to engage in conversation with a book for the evening.  All the rest falls on this blog and the canvas.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Night Time Muse

Once their lived a girl who perched in a loft like a bird.  She would peer out the window on a moonlit night and look for wings flapping and things crawling from dark corners.  She would lull herself to sleep imagining them scurrying through her window and flying around the room before hiding in the shadows.

When day broke, the world came alive in light and playful wonder. The sky was an endless abyss, each individual leaf would wave, and animals could read her mind.

These are the woods, this is the forest of contemplation, a cherished place, safe for any creature of the imagination to thrive and sleep.