Thursday, February 24, 2011

First night of internet in warm room...

Drawing class starts in 2 days...a studio dedicated to instructional and demonstration projects is being set up as I speak. Willow Springs is feeling more and more like an art warehouse similar to many I have envied in the city. Only at a peaceful country pace what with all the sculptures, paintin', construction, seed planting, cabin hoppin, food cookin, and music playin goodness you can handle.

For your enjoyment...a self portrait done to promote my class

And for your further enjoyment,
This too cool picture of sonic youth looking really dreamy...

in random honor of fellow South African music blogger and friend Nate.


Mundo Mundaca said...

So beautiful drawing!!!.. she has such a light and juvenile air.. I loved.

Nate Maingard said...

Kelly, I am honoured by your honouring (that's how we spell it where I come from, hehe). Big love from down south!