Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Linoleum block printing

Lino cuts are a great side project for me to work on, because they demand my attention to detail using a different technique, and the carving provides a nice stress management exercise.

A few tools, one day I will indulge in a small press...

I use Oil Relief ink and would prefer to use a soft brayer, but I unfortunately I bought the hard one, so it does not press ink on the block as evenly as I would like. I mixed a bit of oil medium to thin the ink as an experiment. The ink turned out to be too thin and seeped into the tiny cracks resulting in lost detail on the print. If any medium is added to thin the ink, I will only use a very small amount. I want the ink to be tackier next time.

I spread them out by the window to get a little air, they will be wet for days. I used Rives lightweight for this type of printing because it is thin and strong. I need a thin paper to press the ink with a baren by hand.
And the apartment reeks of turpentine afterwards. Mmmm mmm mmm! Much apologies to my roomie.

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