Monday, May 27, 2013

Portland Relics

Hello loves!  May your spring bring forth regeneration and resurgence into becoming more and more skilled in your creations and ecstatic about your passions.  This is a mantra for me these days, as I am full force seeking connections in my new home Portland, Oregon.  I am planting seeds now to witness my growth in the artworld.  Existing as an artist on this bright planet has opened my eyes to infinite possibilities for the future.   I extend my gratitude to the universe for my ability to depict cute creatures creating alchemy to heal their natural world.  May my enthusiasm reach new heights as I dive into the world of books and reach out to publishers and galleries!  Ah Ho!

My work has been very busy for the last 6 months creating illustrative designs and emblems for a few lovely clients.  I will post the newest versions of these creations as soon as they are bright and shiny back from the printer.  On the fine art front...I appreciate your patience as I am anticipating new paintings to be born from the ether and posted up on this blog immediately after their emergence.  Thanks and stand by! 

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