Sunday, May 10, 2015

Golden Owl Speed Painting

I begin this by making a free hand sketch of an owl using a colored pencil on arches hot press paper. I use Daniel Smith watercolor paints, and do several washes, and add layers over dried washes. A lot of my work is detailed, and I draw colors and lines with my brush. Then I paint around the owl with Designa Size, a sticky glue used for applying gold leaf. The gold leaf goes on after 15 minutes of applying the size, then I gently tap the leaf and lift it off with a soft brush. The final layers are details using FW liquid acrylics, gouache, sennelier inks and tiny gemeralds. This painting took many days to complete, as I kept it propped up in my studio where I could decide what it needed and could take the time to add to it until it was complete. 

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