Sunday, May 24, 2015

Artists Who Live in the Woods; Lord Von Schmitt

Lord Von Schmitt, aka Schuyler, has an immense capability to create surreal and lusciously 60s retro art.  He is a clothing designer, collage artist, photographer, model, musician and dj extraordinare.
I quite enjoy hanging around him and his unapologetic and colorful sense of humor.

He creates these amazing clothes out of afghans, and he listens to the best retro dance music 
in existence.

I designed this graphic logo for him, that now appears on his lovely gold tags.  

His love for randomness can be seen by observing the scattered re-purposed art that decorates his barn studio.  He gives meaningless objects a new life and makes them into sculptures.  Frivolous art is a sign of enjoyment, and brilliance!  He is indeed seeking something vast and loves to go on quests, even if its just a trip walking through town.

 I love wearing his clothes, I often feel like myself in the style of hideous fashion, and can satisfy the bohemian weirdo in me.   Somehow nobody stops me and tells me I look like I am walking around wearing what resulted in an explosion from my grandmother's closet. And if they did, I would thank them for the high compliment.  Find his original designs here.

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