Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Moon Bunny children's book debut!

It is my great pleasure to write this update, as today marks a monumental moment in Kelly Patton Art history!   I am ever pleased to present; Moon Bunny!

Moon Bunny is my first fully illustrated 32 page picture book featuring adorable characters and magic starry designs. The paper back version and ebook is now available to purchase on amazon!

 To view the title on amazon and purchase Moon Bunny go here.

Whether whisking around on roller skates, or making whimsical discoveries camping in a fort under the stars, Moon Bunny is always coming up with delightful ideas. Kids will learn the 12 months as they follow sweet characters who remind them to play outside, and be creative indoors. Anyone who loves nature or loves to learn new ways to have fun, will keep this on their bookshelf.

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