Wednesday, April 22, 2015

California Drought, and My Way Out

     When we see our resources deplete before our very eyes, it reminds us of our delicate nature.  And as human beings, we are reminded of our impact.  We focus so much on the negative impact, yes and climate change is as obvious as the sun in the sky.  But what about the positive influence we can have and how can we contribute those energies back into the world?  I do see a copious amount of ideas circulating on the internet about ways to do this, and it inspires me.  I am uplifted by the thought of coming together with a new perspective on how we can respect the natural world.  Humans are afraid of nature, they know it can and will kill them.  And this should earn our respect, not our fear.
     Its sad to think about the beautiful forests and pristine waters being consumed too quickly to sustain a healthy planet, and we want to give back in the best way that we are able.  Is donating money the answer?  What is the price you would pay if you were offered just one last glass of water? Its value is equal to that of your life.  We must practice conservation.  Start thinking of how to keep the water around you sacred.  Thank the earth, stars, heavens, or whatever you like to shake your fist at for its gift of life, and start finding a way out.  So today, in celebration of earth day, I raise my glass, and am thankful to be an artist and a warrior of nature.

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