Saturday, February 18, 2012

Livin' the Dream: Europe Art Tour

This is going to be a very exciting year in our lives. So much is changing so quickly, so many people are becoming aware of the need to make improvements in this world and are educating themselves about global policies and where they fit in the big puzzle.

So what better time to spread awareness and ideas, and to have a kick ass life and do what you have always dreamed of doing, its 2012! So to this I declare my partner, Sam and I, are traveling to Europe for 3 months, to immerse ourselves in all things art.

This has been my dream for a long time. To see great works of art throughout history that paved the way for so many artists who thrive in my generation.

I traveled to 12 European countries in 2010 with The Pleasant Revolution Tour, on a schedule with other musicians. This trip is all being negotiated by myself, where I will be free to roam and absorb more art than I could during those years.

We'll also be checking out mystical gardens, apothecaries, fantastical architecture, toy stores, absinth bars, dance parties--as much eye, ear and tongue candy as possible and at a nice pace without rushing it.

Everything is going towards this trip, every moment, every thought. Stay tuned for more cool updates!

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